IEP Referral System

This system is available for you to fill out so you can see how it would work. You can modify it as necessary for your specific use.

I have an admin that wants to create a GForm for teachers to give info about a student for an IEP or other semi-confidential information. They would like for teachers not to see the info from other teachers about the student...and they need there to be a narrative for some questions.

The end goal of this is to create a GDoc with all the info about one student in one place. I was thinking Doc Appender, but how do I link the student name to the doc? We can have them put the student name on the GSheet from the Form...but that is going to need to be manual entry on the Sheet right?

To solve this question I suggest two forms:

  1. First form is an IEP Referral Form to create a templated document of the IEP Referral. Using Document Studio, a new document is created for each student and saved to a gdrive folder, and then sent to the administrator in charge of the IEP System.
  2. Administrator then sends the IEP Teacher Comments Form to the teachers from whom he/she wants to collect anecdotal information or any other information that each teacher submits.
  3. This form uses Doc Appender to add to the bottom of each student document whatever data you want to collect from each teacher.
  4. Teachers do not see other teacher's comments, but all the documentation is in one form.
  5. The referral form can be made available to any teacher for the initial submission.
  6. The administrator controls which teachers add to the document.
  7. The only caveat is getting doc appender to read the folder with the student documents in a timely fashion. It refreshes the list after each form submit and hourly, so if many requests were coming in quickly the admin might have to manually refresh the student list before sending out the Teacher Comment form to the necessary teachers.

Above is the folder structure for the system. The IEP Request form creates the IEP Document named as the student name.

Below is the IEP Referrals Folder where all the IEP's are created. Doc Appender reads the files in this folder, and modifies the Student Name Multiple Choice question on the IEP Teacher Comments Form

Doc Appender reads the folder and updates the question every hour and after every form submit. If you want to test this out, create a new student with the IEP Request Form, then fill out a new teacher comment on an existing student so you can see the new student get added to the teacher comment form. The refresh this page to see the new student also appear in the IEP Referrals folder. If you add a comment open that student's file to see the appended information.