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Lesson Plan Template

Lesson plan Template

There was a recent post in the Google for Education Trainers forum about having a front end to a spreadsheet that has a list of Lesson Plans submitted by teachers.

I have built this system to demonstrate how this might work in a district. In the original post, the teachers were going to upload the URL's of existing documents that already are in the teacher's drives.

I have taken it a step further to provide a template that the form fills out on submission. The person submitting the form has edit rights to the doc, the rest of the staff have view rights to all the lesson plans, This keeps all documents in one folder, owned by the person who creates the system.

This might still work for teachers to fill out some of the basic information that I am including on this form, then doing a copy/paste of their original doc into this newly created template for district consistency.

The main feature of this is the data studio report that makes all documents searchable by many criteria, while also providing visual display of the number of lessons by subject, grade, etc. This could be built upon by each school.

This system is also using Document Studio to create each lesson Plan from a defined template, which can then be modified by the creator of the document as needed.

I have also added a Standards sidebar to the template, so that the teachers can easily add the standards that the lesson supports. The first time the teacher clicks the standards menu the script will need to be authorized, but then the standards sidebar opens and the teacher can click the applicable standards and they will insert at the point of the cursor.

Looker Studio Report

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In this current view we are using the new Cards View format from the Community Visualizations component of Looker Studio

Lesson Plan Workflow

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