Project One: Save a copy

  1. Create a new design
  2. Create a custom dimension design of 500px by 500px
  3. Add a solid color background
  4. Add a photo
  5. Add text
  6. Add a graphic
  7. Play around with undo and redo

Now if you return home, and then come back in to edit this design, you will no longer have access to the undo/redo. That is only available in the session and goes away if you leave the session. So if you are working on an important design and think you might need to keep a version, you will need to File/Make a copy.

Project Two: Color Palettes

  1. Click this image to open the Canva Color Palette generator
  2. Upload your own photo, or use one provided by Canva.
  3. In the brand Kit add a new color Palette.
  4. We will share our results on the google slide deck
  • Now you have a saved color palette that you can use for other projects.
  • Create a new design with your new color palette
  • Custom size, 1024x1024.
  • Use a color from your palette for the background color.
  • Add text with another color from your palette
  • Add another text box with a different color, then add a rectangle behind that text with a lighter color to offset the text.
  • Change the opacity of the rectangle to offset the text. Be sure to move the rectangle back behind the text

Project Three: Monochromatic Colors

  1. Create a new project
  2. Custom Size 800x800
  3. Add a background color
  4. Add a water drop graphic
  5. Select the graphic, and press control D to duplicate
  6. Make at least three of these
  7. Move them apart
  8. Click on one and then click on its color
  9. Now add an Easter Egg
  10. Notice that the egg has a palette of several colors
  11. Change some of them to a new color
  12. These are SVG graphics that can have multiple colors in them.

Project Four: Grouping and Locking

  1. Create a new poster project
  2. Add a photo background
  3. Add a text template
  4. Resize
  5. Notice that the text templates have the different text types grouped.
  6. Ungroup the text and separate it