This slide show represents how one can add to your website on the fly.

This is the first iteration of this project in which I am using the Awesome Table Slide show feature to add information to my website on the fly with my phone.

I fill out a form on my phone, take a picture, submit and the Title, Tag Line, and photo appear on the website.

This is a personal slide show that can be filled out on the fly with your phone. The most recent photos display first. As you can see it is important to take all the photos in landscape mode.

In this iteration, I made the form have several categories, then used a query to create a different slide show for things like, Flowers, Work, School.

As you fill out the form and choose a different category, that form submission ends up on a different slide show for your different websites.

This slide show is running from the same sheet and form, with a different category.