Recently a person posted to the forum asking if there was a way to digitize the 5 love languages survey to use in schools. A few others posted some ideas, which I borrowed then crafted this solution. What I like about this is that the concept could be used for many types of surveys/observations . If this is interesting to you, you can make copies of the template and the form, then modify for your own schools.

When you have your own copies you simply need to run Form Publisher to merge the collected data to the template and email it to the respondent.

The Template

The data that is collected from the form is in some hidden rows on the sheet template. Formulas in row 4 count the number of times that the A's, B's, C's etc. are found in the submitted data. Conditional formatting colors the badges if the data in row 4 is max. =$A4=MAX(A4:E4). The data in C12 grabs the first letter of the response: =LEFT(B12,1)

Small Children


Teen Love Language

twelch@lgsd.us 2.pdf